Your Transformation Awaits 
How would it feel to be completely open and trusting to love?

As we take you through our 12-week pathway, you move through modules of self-love, releasing the past, and healthy relationship theory.

We take you to a place where you understand and work with your energy, learn to trust yourself, and align with your future partner.

This alignment feels so good.

Your body and mind are relaxed. Your nervous system is relaxed.

You are ready.

This is your pathway to LETTING LOVE IN.

Your Quantum Leap 

Becoming a Transformation Member is your energetic leap into becoming a master creator!

You will join other brilliant folk who walk the earth as self-reflective, self-aware and self-responsible humans.

Becoming a Transformation Member is the difference between thinking you are ready to let love in, to knowing you ready for divine union.

  • Access to our 12-week journey that leads you to alignment 

  • A private Facebook Group solely for women 

  • Support from therapists with over 45 years combined experience
A private group for single women who are ready to align with their partner 
  •  “You are revolutionaries!! I am so grateful for your work. It was the gourmet love journey I hungered deep for in my heart, mind, body & soul. I truly have found my handsome match because of your guidance, support & program. It helped me hone in on what I truly desire & deserve!”   

       Aidan, Musician Recording Artist, Canada    

  •  “I’d like to thank you all for the integral part you have played in my personal growth this year (and beyond). This finds me revelling in the early stages of a blossoming romantic relationship with a man who has beautifully answered my universal energetic call out. The timing of all of this has been nothing short of poetic and should speak to the powerful nature of what you have created with ‘In Higher Love’ and what we are all capable of. Forever cheering you all on for sharing this with the world – beautiful souls – thank you!  

    Marnie, Personal Trainer, Australia

  • “Thanks so much for your course and the help in my life and my world; it was awesome.”

    Joe, Married in December! Australia

Your Golden Pathway
Megan and Taryn knew there was a pathway that would support those seeking love,
to come to a place of ease and alignment.

So singles could relax into trust and knowing, and let life fill in the details.

They created the pathway for you, based on over 45 years of collective wisdom.
So you could find your way back home to love. 
The 6 Modules that Lead You to Love
There are a number of different paths you can take, our leads you straight back to Love.  
Module 1 - Prioritise Yourself.
When you combine compassion for yourself and your story - with the discipline of self-love, you have set the foundation for change and creation. 
Module 2 -
Release the Past
When you release old beliefs, patterns and past loves, when you learn to let go, you have opened the doorway for the new. 
Module 3-
Attain Wisdom

When you have learnt more about your attachment style and the magnetism of polarity, you have levelled up who you attract into your life. 
Module 4 -
Make Connections

When you understand how you are connected to everything and your energy is your magic wand - you see the world through a golden lense. 
Module 5 -
Trust Myself

When you learn to truly trust yourself and your body's signals, you know you are making choices from a place of inner wisdom. 
Module 6 -
Alignment with Partner

As you put all this learning together, we teach you how to sit in alignment (trust, faith, knowing) of your future partner moving towards you. 
MAGIC           ALIGNMENT            FLOW
Alignment with your future partner awaits 
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